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Cape Coral Volleyball Academy

Our Coaches

Cape Coral Volleyball Academy (CCVA) coaches work together to ensure that each team is receiving the same high-level coaching and to create continuity between all our athletes and age groups.

Nick Trapani, Secretary, Co-Director, Director of Coaches




Our coaches are trained, certified and experienced and meet regularly to discuss training methods and techniques.  We work tirelessly to build successful teams and athletes. Our top priority is always striving to improve and give each athlete the feedback and tools they need to help them grow as a volleyball athlete and person every day. While we do provide our athletes with the highest caliber of volleyball training, it is equally important that athletes learn life lessons that will stay with them long after their volleyball career comes to an end. Our coaches are mentors, role models and above all, teachers. We. Are. Cape Coral.


Cape Coral Volleyball Academy (CCVA)


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